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Client: Dreyer's Ice Cream
Video Title: Get Your Grooves On
Producer/Writer: Paul Gilbert

Opening montage: Graphics with names of each Groove appear on screen. Audio clips of key phrases change along with each graphic.

Our culture, our values

People are our most important asset

Hire good people and get out of the way

I make my own decisions

Title Graphic: I Can Make a Difference (CULTURE)

T. Gary Rogers, President, Dreyers Grand Ice Cream
We launched this culture of the Grooves about 20 years ago with no real understanding of how powerful it would become. Today it's at the core of everything we do. The Grooves are why we have such enthusiastic, dedicated people and more than anything else, the Grooves are why we've succeeded as a business.

Sherrie Cornett
A lot of companies have posters on the wall, they espouse certain beliefs but they don't really live them. That's not true at Dreyers. We train, we educate, we constantly reinforce, and one of the most important things that we do is we expect people to walk the talk.

Graphic: You Decide (Empowerment)

T.Gary Rogers
I think the two most powerful words in the English language are "you decide." What we try to do is we try to say "you decide", which means you've got to wrestle with the pros and cons, you've got to think through what those implications are for you or your business and whatever you decide we'll support you."

Kendra Ellis
You have full control over the business you're working on and the ability to make a big difference every day you come to work.

Paul Weber
A lot of companies tell you "this is what you've got to do; now go do it." Dreyer's creates an environment where you can do it yourself; take ownership of your work.

Graphic: Enjoy the Journey (SUCCESS):

Paul Weber
I came to Dreyer's because of the Grooves, I came to Dreyer's because of the culture.

Bertha Roman
Who wouldn't want to give and get respect, or complete a job well done and get acknowledged for it?

Michael Simmons
At Dreyers, you're allowed to bring your best ideas to the table.

Andy Lang
I'm involved in the Grooves because I believe in them. They come from my heart.

Nancy Mace
It's what makes this place tick.

Gary Rogers
In many respects, the Grooves are the best thing we've ever done.

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